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Five solutions for clearing construction site debris

Construction site debris is residual objects resulting from construction, demolition or renovation work. There are several types of waste. Wood, glass, asbestos, metal and any debris that may be involved in construction or on a construction site. When not well managed, this waste becomes a real obstacle to the development of construction sites. Discover solutions to effectively get rid of construction site debris in Florida.

1. Request a specialized company

The ideal solution for major work is to call on a debris removal company. This option will cost some money, but it is the solution for a perfectly executed waste clearance. This type of company has agents who are well experienced in the task with undeniable control of construction waste.

The other advantage of this solution is that the clearance will be done in accordance with ecological standards for the protection of the environment. The agents will know how to sort the waste for proper categorization. Furthermore, the collected waste will go to appropriate dumpsites and get proper treatment.

2. Rent a dumpster

If you want to manage your waste yourself, then you can rent a dumpster for the work. This is a box intended for collecting waste from work on a construction site. It is large enough to collect waste on a not too large construction site.

Once the dumpster is full, it is unloaded in a suitable location such as a landfill before being used again. This could be the recycling park in your municipality, for example. There are also companies specializing in waste treatment. This is to avoid causing damage to the environment.

3. A dump truck for major jobs

When it comes to large-scale work, which extends over a large area, a skip is no longer of much use. Apart from being an obstacle to the speed of the work. A dump truck is more appropriate in these circumstances. This is a truck with a large box for collecting waste.

To find these trucks, you must contact companies that rent these trucks. The rental is done with a driver for the truck provided to you. This is responsible for ensuring return trips from the construction site to the dumps.

Additionally, this approach allows you to manage waste as construction continues. This makes it possible to make the site lighter and to move at a good speed.

4. Get a bag of construction waste

When it comes to small-scale work, a construction waste bag is also a good alternative in Florida. In fact, for a small site, the waste is not enormous.

How it works? Once you have the bag, you fill it with trash as you go until it is full. The bag can hold approximately a load of 1500 kg. This is why it is only suitable for small jobs such as renovation.

The construction waste bag can be ordered by mail. Once the bag is full, specialized companies will send an agent to collect it. There are also other companies specializing in the delivery of these bags and their recovery after use.

5. Buy a Big Bang-like service

This is a very practical option for disposing of construction waste. You buy a large rubble bag with a capacity of 1 m³ or 2 m³ depending on your needs in a company or on an online sales site. The particularity here is that the purchase of the bag also includes collection by agents after use.

This alternative works well for bags with a capacity of 1 m³. But for 2 m³ bags, it is better to use a dump truck to get rid of the waste.